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Dr. John DenBoer is a Clinical Neuropsychologist/Sports Psychologist Dr. John DenBoerspecializing in sports-related concussion and dementia. He received his internship training at VA Boston Healthcare System (Boston University School of Medicine/Harvard University) and received his postdoctoral training at Barrow Neurological Institute. He has published extensively in the area of Clinical Neuropsychology and has been an expert speaker at many local, national, and international conferences.

In addition to his neuropsychology activities, he maintains an active sports psychology practice, were he helps athletes improve performance. He is the current Sports Psychology/Neuropsychology consultant for many local and national organizations, including the Banner Concussion Center, Arizona State University, and The United States Tennis Association. Although he specializes in working with tennis players (, he conducts a unique blend of sports psychology and neuropsychology (e.g., neurocognitive testing for athletes, brain priming) with all athletes. He conducts a variety of consultation with Division I Universities, including many national Division I athletic programs. Locally, he currently provides sports psychology and neuropsychology consultation to Arizona State University.

He is on the Board of many organizations, including Arizona Motorcycle Safety Administration, The Salvation Army, United States Tennis Association (USTA) (Southwest), Phoenix Matchpoint, United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) (Southwest), and the Arizona Brain Injury Alliance. Dr. DenBoer splits time between Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA. He currently lives with his fiancé and two golden retrievers (Oliver and Tucker) and four Koi fish (Tommy, Vince, Rosko, and Zane).

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Dr. DenBoer specializes in psychological and neuropsychological consultation. He currently sees clients in his Scottsdale (Phoenix, AZ) office, although is available to meet with clients on site as needed.

His current rates are as follows (all rates per hour):

In-Office Consultation: $250 per hour

Out-of-Office Consultation: $300 (plus travel time)

Legal Rates: $500 per hour

Free Initial Phone Consultations are also available.

Please contact Dr. DenBoer at 480-993-3879 – fax: 855-752-4482 to arrange a free consultation.


Clinical Neuropsychologist and Sports Psychologist

Dr. DenBoer is a leading neuropsychologist in the area of early-stage dementia detection. He specializes in developing intervention mechanisms to help prevent the further development of the dementia process. This has culminated in Dr. DenBoer’s development of the SMART memory program (see below).

Dr. DenBoer is the founder and developer of the SMART memory program, a cognitive intervention system designed to prevent and intervene in the development of a dementia. He is the founder and developer of the SMART memory program ®, a structured cognitive intervention program designed to help reduce dementia while it is in the early stages.

SMART Memory Program

In addition to the above activities, he also provides a variety of capacity evaluations. These include medical, legal, and financial capacity evaluations, which can be used in legal competency proceedings.


Dr. John DenBoer of Mental Edge Psych

Dr. DenBoer specializes in in mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI)/concussion assessment and intervention.

Currently, he is a neuropsychological consultant for Arizona State University, as part of his business, Mental Edge Neuropsychology, LLC.

In addition, he is involved in medicolegal consultation (see below).


Dr. DenBoer also does work in the area of Forensic Psychologist/Neuropsychology. He has experience in conducting neuropsychological evaluation in a variety of forensic contexts, including capital evaluations.

Nationally-Known Forensic PsychologistNationally-Known Forensic Psychologistevaluations and medicolegal cases involving traumatic brain injury/concussions.

In addition to the activities above, he also performs pro-bono forensic psychological profiling consultative services for Find Me, an international group which is focuses on finding missing persons, many of which who are the victims of human sex trafficking.

Find Me

Sports Psychology

Dr. John DenBoer - Neuropsychologist

In addition to his psychology/neuropsychology activities, Dr. DenBoer also performs Sports Psychology activities.  Although he specializes in tennis and golf, he also works in team formats.  He specializes in providing in neuropsychological assessment and optimization to athletes at all levels.

He is the creator of the Mental Edge Screen, an on-line neurocognitive and psychological assessment tool.


Vision Statement (personal):

My vision is to be an honest, dynamic, and authentic presence in the lives of others.  I aim to have a positive impact on my patients and a solid reputation as a thought leader within the scientific and medical communities.  My mission is to use my professional skills and God-given talents to be a light for those in darkness, while retaining and promoting personal and family wellness and growth.  I am true to myself as I change.

Mission Statement (professional):

My mission is to be a dynamic and innovative thought leader in the areas of sports psychology and neuropsychology (concussion and dementia).  I do this by offering scientifically-driven interventions aimed at improving clinical conditions and ultimately contributing to an overall progression of improvement in my clients lives. I differentiate myself through authenticity, transparency, and kindness.  I incorporate and align myself with my personal and family values in my work.

Our Partners

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Dr. DenBoer can be reached at 480-993-3879 - fax: 855-752-4482 or via email at .

5111 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 105 Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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